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Some of us hang out on the #infotropique room on the chatserver
This is how you can connect:

If it is safe for you to use tor, you can also connect this way: Please note that some of these methods require you to create an account on the server.
You can get a log of previous conversations once you are connected by typing
"+hist" (or "/hist", depending on your client) followed by a number.
"+hist 25" will give you the last 25 lines people have written.
You can read the user manual in English and in German.
Replies may take a while, please be patient.
Please note that the server,, while running a reasonable
secure system is sometimes attacked and might be down for hours or days.
If you experience problems with the server, and you have tried more than
one protocol (IRC instead of XMPP) to exclude issues on your side, use the
Mailinglist for communication.

Mailing List

Our Email Lists are provided by the collective Autistici/Inventati