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communique #4, 2020-01-30: Why the silence?

The silence around this project has various reasons. The TL;DR is that I am still working on it, it's just not very online and not very immediate. The reasons for the silence include:

  1. Time constraints: money.
    I had troubles with funding my university courses for a couple of personal reasons not related to my performance. As a fix, I had to start working half- and later on fulltime.
  2. Realizations.
    I have compiled a stack of paper notes, goals, architecture ideals. I was convinced I had a design, but I it was mostly everything but the design. There is an start of a design, but that's it. I'm reviewing my ideas now to get to the point where I can create a proper design to start coding from.
  3. Uphill struggles.
    I realized that basing on the set of ideas by other people has become too much of an uphill struggle with no good outcome in the longterm. I wrapped up the second prototype of infotropique OS as based on Guix and GuixSD.
    To extend on this: my ideas started out before Guix, took an inspiration from Guix and Nix while I was working primarily on Guix, and changed again the more I recognized the limits of manipulation in Guix code and that my ideals in some parts differed too much from Guix to justify basing on Guix.
    More on this hopefully later this year.
  4. Time constraints: volunteer projects.
    I got more involved in pkgsrc and NetBSD. As a result this project has been quiet in digital content produced.
    Previously I've been very involved in GNUnet, which also lead to time constraints.
  5. Life in general.
    I've learned to pay more attention to my limits, and I'm also just spending time with friends occasionally, attend concerts, and so forth.
  6. Time spend elsewhere.
    Primarily for my own curiosity, but also for university, I'm spending time reading books and learning. I'm also spending time again reading books I enjoy, which has taken a long time to appreciate it again.

— solidarity, ng0